Ikea Hack Vs Oristand

Oristand is a simple Ikea Hack alternative. Here are a few good reasons why…

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You must be looking for a stand up desk.

And since you’re looking at this page, I’m guessing you’re the DIY hacker type that likes making things for yourself and buying on the cheap.

Both Oristand and the Ikea hack are standing desk converters, meaning they sit on top of the desk or table you already have and transform it into a standing desk. They’re both affordable, but very different options.

Let’s look at how Oristand and the Ikea hack compare in terms of simplicity, switching from sitting to standing, portability and affordability.

1) Oristand is much simpler – no setup required

It’s a known fact: nobody enjoys assembling Ikea furniture. While the Ikea hack standing desk requires 4 pieces and multiple screws, Oristand is a one-piece wonder.

Here’s what you need to assemble the Ikea hack desk:

  • Lack side table – $7.99
  • Victor Shelf – $5.99
  • Ekby Valter bracket – $4.00
  • Screws, nuts and washers
  • Time and patience

Here’s what you need to assemble the Oristand:

  • Nothing

It unfolds in seconds. Simply place your laptop or monitor on top with a keyboard and mouse and you’re good to go.

“Just got my new @oristand. Simple, inexpensive and well made. Very impressed so far!”
David Fuangfuang

2) Oristand allows you to switch between sitting and standing much easier

Standing is important, but movement is the key. Being sedentary, especially in a seated position, causes dysfunction in the human body. Being able to switch between sitting and standing easily is important so you can change your position, take breaks easily and stand up to ease tension on your back and soft tissues.

The Ikea hack standing desk isn’t easy to move, nor does it pack down. It’s a large, it takes up a lot of space and it isn’t easy to get rid of once it’s on your desk.

On the other hand, Oristand folds in and out beautifully and can easily be removed from your desk when you want to sit down.

“Installed” my @oristand today. Lots of compliments and interest. I love that I can fold it away in 2 seconds! Great idea.”
Carson Marston

3) Oristand is portable and simple to store

The Ikea hack isn’t something you’re going to take with you once you’ve assembled it. It’s big. It’s clunky. It’s not coming apart without significant effort.

The ultra-portable Oristand falls on the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s functional folding design allows you to set up or pack up in seconds. It’s slim figure – less than an inch wide when folded – makes it easy to store under your desk, in a nearby closet or in the trunk of your car.

“I love it! I tweeted about it after I got it set up and am so excited to have a lightweight, portable stand-up desk I can take when I travel as well as use at home.”
– Vickie Taton

4) Oristand and the Ikea hack are both affordable, but only one comes to your door

It’s hard to compete in the price category. Both desks come at or under the $29 USD mark. However, Oristand gets delivered straight to your doorstep – the Ikea hack doesn’t.

If you don’t live anywhere near an Ikea, don’t want to drive to Ikea, or don’t enjoy assembling Ikea furniture yet still want an affordable, simple, and portable stand up desk, Oristand is for you.

“After using both, I found that I actually preferred Oristand, which is surprisingly stable. The IKEA hack is prone to tipping if I put the laptop on the lower shelf without anything to counterbalance it on the top shelf. Oristand is also easy to fold up and put away, unlike the Ikea hack, which requires permanent desk space. And it works better than many other low-cost, DIY options like stacks of shoeboxes or books.”
Shelby Carpenter, Forbes

Here’s a few more reasons to grab one…

Hundreds of happy customers have decided to go with the Oristand. Here’s what they have to say…

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We hope you found this comparison helpful.

If you’re looking for a simple standing desk that requires no setup, packs away and stores easily, and is delivered right to your door, save yourself some time and energy and grab an Oristand here.